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The town of Singleton is a quiet, rural place, a mere hours’ drive from Newcastle and nestled in rustic mining industry. Situated between major coastal cities and greater rural hubs such as Armidale and Tamworth, Singleton is an important thoroughfare through the region. Home to many employed within the mining, farming and construction industries, the region is a hub of industrial services. Singleton is also a suitable area for families large and small, boasting quiet inner streets and modern housing developments.

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Real Deall Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control are committed to delivering quality services to our clients in Singleton and surrounding Upper Hunter region offering a premium steam cleaning service with the latest truck mount technology. Real Deall Singleton offers a wide variety of cleaning services, ranging from mattress, rug and upholstery cleaning, grout and tile cleaning and end of lease pest sprays. Real Deall is a family owned and operated business, operating within the Newcastle, Hunter and Upper Hunter regions. Real Deall are highly trained professionals who consistently deliver impressive results that will have your premises looking renewed and restored.

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Why invest in professional carpet cleaning?

With so many impressive cleaning gadgets and gizmos available to the consumer used to clean their home, you might be wondering what need you have for a professional cleaning service. The truth is, even households with the most stringent cleaning routines still look dirtier than they appear. The dirt, dust and bacteria visible on soft fabrics like furniture and mattresses account for a mere fraction of the collective grime and no matter how hard you scrub, those grout stains aren’t going to be coming off anytime soon.

Furthermore, tiles and upholstery can be breeding grounds for germs and other nasties you wouldn’t want in your home. The tiles and grout in your bathroom for instance can harbour mould and grime which will not only look unsightly and produce an odour but can also lead to a major mould infestation if left untreated.

Our beds also can be a utopia for bugs, mites and bacteria. While we may think our mattresses are reasonably protected by sheets, the average person sweats half a litre of liquid in one night; and that’s not accounting for the summer months. The result can be a mattress that is not only visibly stained and discoloured but a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria. These dust mites can be responsible for a variety of histamine reactions in people which can contribute to poor sleep. Remember, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Having your mattress deep cleaned by a professional will destroy these pests and give your mattress a new lease of life.

What does Singleton have to offer?

Singleton is one of those quiet rural towns with lots to offer. Situated just an hour’s drive from Newcastle and two hours’ drive from Sydney, Singleton offers simple living with bustling cities and stunning vineyards a proverbial ‘stone’s throw’ away. In this sense, Singleton offers quiet country living with the all the conveniences of city life close enough for when you want them. Attractions in Singleton include the Singleton Sundial, the Australian Army Infantry Museum, Historical Museum and Biame Cave.

To the people of Singleton, the titular sundial is a physical representation of the towns celebrations that are held twice a year and acts as a gateway to the Hunter River and recreational facilities developed as part of the associated 1988 Bicentennial project. The Sundial was funded by the towns historic mining history, which is still alive and well today, by Lemington Coal Mine and serves as a visible link between the past and the present – an ancient time keeping device standing tall in the modern developments of Singleton City.

With an army base in the area, it comes as no surprise that Singleton is home to the Australian Army Infantry Museum; the custodian to the Australian Infantry Corps and its history, customs and traditions. View and learn from collections ranging from colonial armies and their first deployments overseas to modern soldiers in the 21st Century. If you’re a history buff, you might want to consider visiting the Singleton History Museum. Housed in the old Council Chambers built in 1874 and originally built as a jail, the Singleton History Museum tells a story of the regions past. With exhibits ranging from an original ambulance cart to farm machinery and kitchenware. The museum has something for everyone.

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you might want to consider Mount Royal National Park. The Park is a world heritage-listed site and adjoins Barrington Tops National Park. Just an hour drive from Singleton and a scenic journey passing through Lake St Clair, Mt Royal National Park is not one to be missed.

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Real Deall Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control is committed to providing premium quality services to their clients in the Singleton and Upper Hunter area. Whether you need your carpets and upholstery looking refreshed and renewed or you feel your grout and tiles need a new lease of life, Real Deall can deliver the results you need. Whether it be dust mites, mould, bacteria or fleas, Real Deall can ensure your home is eradicated of any unwanted residents in your home. Contact Real Deall today and get the best deal on carpet cleaning and pest control solutions in Singleton!